arbutin whiting skin product


Fairer, whiter, more vibrant and beautiful skin - who would not want that? Many people invest a lot in maintaining the skin, whether through natural ways or using chemicals. You know the best way to keep your skin fair and white? With the right combination of natural ingredients, put together with gentle chemicals that are safe for the skin, you can have the perfect radiance of a young-looking skin.
There are many skin lightening products available in the market but some have been tested and used, and are proven to be toxic for the skin. Some do more harm than good. On the other hand, you can buy Arbutin. It is being widely used as an alternative for skin lightening because it is effective and safe. Instead of killing the pigment-producing cells, it only suppresses them which make it non-toxic for the cells.

What is Alpha-Arbutin?
Alpha-Arbutin is an active ingredient that is extracted from the bearberry plant. It contains hydroquinone which has been used since the 1960s as a skin lightening agent. This active ingredient can also be naturally found in blueberries and cranberries, and it is metabolized by the body for a natural source of hydroquinone.
Derived from a plant, this active ingredient is natural and water-soluble. It works by hampering down the melanin in the skin cells which in turn aids in a faster skin lightening effect.

Side Effects of Arbutin
Because of its natural origins, Alpha-Arbutin can work in all skin types and has generally few notable side effects. The natural content aids in fighting signs of aging in the face and skin. However, there may still be side effects especially for those who have allergic reactions to the active ingredient. Among the common side effects are:
•    Acne and skin irritation. This is mostly due to allergic reactions to the active ingredient or too much use of the product without doctor’s advice. You can use Arbutin plainly but be sure to follow directions of use. Discontinue use and seek medical attention if you are showing severe allergic reactions.
•    Sensitivity to sun exposure. Melanin production also depends on sun exposure, which means delaying the growth of melanin can affect the skin’s sensitivity when exposed to the sun. This can cause sun burns easily and spots on the skin.

How to choose an Arbutin ingredient product fit for you
There are many skin care products that contain Alpha-Arbutin as an active ingredient. When choosing a product to use, choose the ones that are proven to be effective and gentle for your skin.

You can also research user reviews or doctor’s recommendations on specific products. Do a trial method with the products and see which one is most effective for your skin.

If you are an advocate of skin care and work hard to take care of your skin, then you would understand that when choosing a product for the skin, you have to choose the one that is tested and proven to be most effective. Invest in products with fewer chemicals and is proven to give you a better-looking skin.