is a platform specialized in international plant extract trade. It is built by eight great factories experienced in the manufacture of plant extract and the Plant Extract Association of Shaanxi, China. Our mission is to provide “the safest and most effective” plant extract to buyers around the world. By ”the safest” we mean that the Pesticide and Heavy metal Residue is the lowest among the products available on market. By “the most effective” we mean that we never make a false report about the specification of any kind of product and there is no chemical additive.

To ensure the quality of every kind of product on sale, we have planting base and factory of our own. What’s more, we have bought shares of several high-quality manufacturers. In addition, we have invested in Natural Medicine Public Technical Service Platform, the largest and most professional third-party testing agency on the field of plant extract in China. We have also signed investment and cooperation agreements with SGS and NFS of America.