Cinnamon Oleoresin

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Cinnamon Oleoresin Introduction

Cinnamon Oleoresin is extracted from Cinnamon bark by supercritical CO2 extraction process. It contains the volatile as well as non-volatile constituents of Cinnamon. It represents total flavor of Cinnamon bark in concentrated form. Large quantity of Cinnamon bark powder could be replaced by small amount of oleoresin. The product could be stored in a small container and could keep for many years with out any change of its flavor. The rich, sweet, creamy flavor of this excellent product, makes it perfect for bakery, confectionery and beverage application.

Where are Cinnamon Oleoresin extracted from?

Cassia Cinnamon, also known as Chinese Cinnamon or scientifically Cinnamomum Aromaticum, is a plant in the family Laureaceae. Native to southern China, it is a tropical medium-sized, bushy evergreen tree which can grow up to 15m in height. It has long, very stiff, lanceolated, leathery, bright green leaves, small yellow flowers in clusters and small ovoid bluish or blackish fruits. The bark and leaves are highly aromatic. The commercial cinnamon bark is reddish-brown and has a sweet, warm, spicy, woody flavor. Both the bark and oil have a long history of culinary and medicinal uses.

Cinnamon Oleoresin Specification(COA)



Extract Ratio



(Every gram of the product can replace
8g dry Cinnamon powder)


Dark brown liquid


Strong Cinnamon


Characteristic cinnamon sweet and spicy


Soluble in water

Heavy Metal (Pb) (mg/kg)

≤ 10.0

Lead (mg/kg)

≤ 2.0

Storage and shelf life

In a closed aluminum container away from light and source of ignition at max. 20°C; 24 months min.

Extract Ratio 20:1


(Every gram of the product can replace
20g dry Cinnamon powder)

Appearance Dark brown liquid
Odor Strong Cinnamon
Taste Characteristic cinnamon sweet and spicy
Solubility Insoluble in water; soluble in most organic solvents
Volatile oil content (ml/100g) ≥ 20.0
Relative Density (20°C/20°C) 1.025~ 1.045
Refractive Index (20°C) 1.562~ 1.582
Heavy Metal (Pb) (mg/kg) ≤ 10.0
Lead (mg/kg) ≤ 3.0
Storage and shelf life In a cool closed aluminum container away from light and source of ignition at max. 20°C; 24 months min.

Cinnamon Oleoresin Extraction Process

Supercritical CO2 extraction is the cleanest extraction method. Because no organic solvent is used in the whole process, extracts have no residual solvent to avoid existence of harmful substance and environmental pollution in the extraction process and ensure 100% of pure nature.

Heavy metal and other harmful substances in traditional spices are insoluble in carbon dioxide, and thus, supercritical fluid extraction can effectively remove heavy metal and other harmful substances away from traditional spices.

Cinnamon Oleoresin Application and Reference amount

Cinnamon Oleoresin is widely used in products as follows: fragrance & flavor, meat product, instant noodle , seasoning, baking food, candy, and etc for its special flavor.

Because it is easy to measure, and incredibly consistent, which means that each batch a company produces will be of the same high quality as the one before it and the one after, leading to fewer potential losses in the manufacturing process.

Application Reference amount
Meat product 0.01 ~ 0.03%
Seasoning 0.01 ~ 0.02%
Baking food 0.01 ~0.02%

Advantages of Cinnamon Oleoresin

  1. Easy to store and transport
  2. More stable when heated
  3. More economical to use
  4. Easier to control for quality and cleaner than the equivalent ground spices
  5. Free from contamination
  6. Concentrated form reduces storage space and bulk handling and transport requirements
  7. Concentrated and virtually moisture-free form of oleoresins ensures longer shelf life due to minimal oxidative degradation or loss of flavor

Product packaging





By Express By Air By Sea
Suitable for under 50kg
Fast: 7-15 days
High cost
Door to door service
easy to pick up the goods
Suitable for more than 50kg
Fast: 7-15 days
High cost
Port to port
professional broker needed
Suitable for more than 500kg
Slow: 7-45 days
Low cost
Port to port
professional broker needed

How To Buy

Paypal(Suitable for under 500USD) Western Union(Suitable for under 5000USD) Bank Transfer(Suitable for all amount)
15% charges
Arrive time: immediately
Easy to handle
Reasonable bank charges
Arrive time: immediately
Easy to handle
Reasonable bank charges
Arrive time:2-3 work days
Easy to handle

Manufacturers And Laboratory Shows

Cinnamon Oleoresin factory

With an investment of 80 million RMB, the construction of the factory started from 2012 and was finished at 2014. There are three production lines that meet the GMP standard in our factory which can process 6,000 ton raw materials each year with production of 900 ton plant extract. Our factory has been issued with the GMP certificate by China Food and Drug Administration in the year 2014.

Cinnamon Oleoresin manufacturer GMP Production Line

Plant extract testing laboratory

Due to the complexity of plant extract and the deficiency industrial standards, one of our founders established a professional testing lab with an investment of 15 million RMB in 2014. The laboratory is equipped with five High performance liquid chromatography, one Gas Chromatograph, one Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, one Liquid mass spectrometry, one TLC scanner, one Automatic polarimeter, one Infrared Spectrometer, one Automatic melting point apparatus, one Mold incubator, one UV-visible spectrophotometer, one Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer, one Single clean bench, one Explorer quasi-microbalance, one Electronic balance, and one Experimental resistance furnace.

Our Mission And Philosophy

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To ensure that the production process is under our control, we have built factory of our own, what’s more, we have bought the most shares of several high-quality manufacturers. From raw material selection, to every specific production procedure, to the storage of every kind of product, every detail is under the inspection of our specialists with at least ten years’ experience.