Alpha Tocopherol

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Alpha Tocopherol Introduction

Alpha tocopherol is a kind of fat-soluble vitamin E, also called natural vitamin E. Due to its excellent antioxidant property, it is widely used in cosmetic for anti-aging. Tocopherols have four isomers of α, β, γ and δ, and their biological potency and antioxidant properties are significantly different. Among them, α-tocopherol has the highest biological activity.

Product Name

Product ID

Minimal Order Quality

Alpha Tocopherol



CAS Number



1000IU Oil


Minimal Package



Where are Alpha Tocopherol extracted from?

Soybean (Latin name: Glycine Max (Linn.) Merr), also named bean, is native to China. It grows all around China, mainly in the Southern, Northeast regions. Also, soybean in the Northeast has higher quality. Other countries also cultivate soybean, including Brazil, Argentina, India, the USA and so on. Soybean is abundant of plant protein, so usually used for extracting protein and oil, preparing soy products, and brewing soy sauce. At present, it is widely applied in feedstuff and food-processing industries.

Alpha Tocopherol Specification(COA)




D-Alpha Tocopherols Content


1015 IU/g

D-Alpha Tocopherols Content



Total Tocopherols Content

≥95.0 %


Specific Rotation




Clear brownish-red or amber oil











Heavy metals






Alpha Tocopherol Benefit

Cosmetics added with vitamin E have significant effects on skin, mainly in:

Sun protection

UV radiation will produce highly active free radicals, then leading to oxidative damage to skin cells or tissues. The maximum absorption peak of is near 286 nm, and it has a strong absorption effect. Tocopherol is more effective against UVB radiation. Therefore, tocopherol applied on skin has a certain effect of absorbing and filtering ultraviolet rays.


The study proves vitamin A, vitamin C, natural vitamin E with fucose can better regulate biosynthesis of fibroblast collagen. This shows that tocopherol has a synergistic effect against skin aging.


Natural vitamin E can inhibit loss of skin moisture. It makes skin moist and shiny; it can prevent destruction of components (lipids and proteins) in the cell membrane. Thereby, lipids and other components can better bind water molecules. Vitamin E prevents moisture loss by directly moisturizing and infiltrating inside, so the moisturizing effect is significantly higher than ordinary glycerin moisturizer.

Alpha Tocopherol Application & Dosage

Application Product

Reference Dosage

Facial cleanser, toner, essence, lotion, cream, gel, eye cream, etc.



  • High content of tocopherol in vegetable oil. Plamed tocopherol uses soybean oil instead of other oil.
  • Plamed adopts high-quality soybean oil as raw material, not using any inferior and cheap soybeans.


  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has considered tocopherol Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).
  • Tocopherol' s safety has been assessed by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel. The Panel evaluated the scientific data and concluded that tocopherol was safe as used in personal care products and cosmetics.

Reference Formula

Lip gloss


Content (%)


Content (%)



Jojoba Gel


Jojoba Oil


Carmine Red Mica


Vitamin E Acetate


Blackstar Red Mica






Preparation method:

1. Add raw material into a glass and stir well until uniform.

2. Adjust the color with mica. Then fill the lip gloss into the containers with applicator.

3. Heat it to 50℃, then get the lip gloss.

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Manufacturers And Laboratory Shows

Alpha Tocopherol factory

With an investment of 80 million RMB, the construction of the factory started from 2012 and was finished at 2014. There are three production lines that meet the GMP standard in our factory which can process 6,000 ton raw materials each year with production of 900 ton plant extract. Our factory has been issued with the GMP certificate by China Food and Drug Administration in the year 2014.

Alpha Tocopherol manufacturer GMP Production Line

Plant extract testing laboratory

Due to the complexity of plant extract and the deficiency industrial standards, one of our founders established a professional testing lab with an investment of 15 million RMB in 2014. The laboratory is equipped with five High performance liquid chromatography, one Gas Chromatograph, one Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, one Liquid mass spectrometry, one TLC scanner, one Automatic polarimeter, one Infrared Spectrometer, one Automatic melting point apparatus, one Mold incubator, one UV-visible spectrophotometer, one Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer, one Single clean bench, one Explorer quasi-microbalance, one Electronic balance, and one Experimental resistance furnace.

Our Mission And Philosophy

Where to buy Alpha Tocopherol? Where to find good Alpha Tocopherol Manufacturers and Alpha Tocopherol suppliers? Where can i Looking for Alpha Tocopherol purchase? Where can i purchase Alpha Tocopherol price and where to get Alpha Tocopherol for sale? Is that the very question that lingers in your mind every time you do purchasing? Well, that should not be your headache any longer since we are committed to help you get rid of it completely. We can provide you with the safest and most effective Alpha Tocopherol. To ensure the quality of any products that you buy on your platform, we have signed an investment and cooperation agreement with Natural Medicine Public Technical Service Platform, the largest and most professional third-party testing agency in China. Any extract you buy will have to pass the test of our strategic partner before delivery.
To ensure that the production process is under our control, we have built factory of our own, what’s more, we have bought the most shares of several high-quality manufacturers. From raw material selection, to every specific production procedure, to the storage of every kind of product, every detail is under the inspection of our specialists with at least ten years’ experience.