To those who are health conscious and who want to lose weight, green tea might be one of the things people should consider adding to their diet.

It has been proven that green tea was used as a medicine a very long time ago because it is rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that can prevent and avoid diseases from attacking one's body.

Not only can it soothe one's soul and mind when drank, green tea also has a lot of health benefits.

Green tea helps with losing weight due to the polyphenol present in it. It can increase a person's metabolism and intensify the levels of fat oxidation.

Other than that, green tea also helps reduce the risk of a person being diagnosed with diabetes. Green tea itself helps balances the sugar level of a person, which prevents the blood sugar from drastically rising after a person eats, this can prevent high insulin spikes and resulting fat storage.

Green tea helps in relaxing the blood vessels and helps them tolerate the changes in blood pressure. It also prevents the development and formation of clots which is the number cause of heart problems.

It can help kill cancer cells by preventing cancer cells to grow and develop and it works in a way that it does not harm the other cells that surrounds the cancer cell.

Green tea helps with the elimination of bad cholesterol. It enhances the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.

It helps maintain the health of the brain by protecting the dying brain cells and restoring the damaged ones.

It is also believed that green tea can help delay one from deteriorating as caused by Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease

The antioxidants that are found in green tea can help rejuvenate one's skin and helps in getting rid of blemishes and wrinkles. It is a very healthy regimen for the skin too.